The Challenge with Dental Insurance

Dental InsuranceWe sincerely believe that all dentists should view themselves as dental healthcare advocates for their patients.  A source of knowledge that helps people understand their ailments and help them get the best possible care for their dental healthcare dollar.

Unfortunately, modern medicine has morphed into a complex amalgam of various types of insurance, different types of medical care facilities, cost cutting measures, and even pre-existing disqualification of treatments.  Basically, 21st century medicine has turned into a business and treatments are often determined by insurance coverage not patient needs.  We know that some healthcare providers, particularly those reliant on specific HMO carriers, or run as large corporate medical / dental groups, can be squeezed into treatment plans that are determined by bottom line financial concerns instead of patient comfort and quality of care.

Do not accept care that is impersonal, distant, or inattentive to your concerns.  You deserve to be seen by a doctor who knows you, can talk to you, and will be available when you need to be seen.  Calling an office with an illness and being told you can be seen in a week is hogwash.  There are still dental healthcare providers who are on your side, they understand how to get the most for you from your dental insurance carrier, and treat you like friends or family.

At Carlsbad Family Dentistry at least 53% of our revenue is paid by dental insurance companies. We accept most PPO dental insurance plans.  We do not accept any HMO plans. We  also accept most health savings plans.  Some of the PPO dental plans we accept are, Guardian, Metlife, Aetna, Cigna, and Delta Dental.